Android Application Development

Xceptive creates fully developed applications for all Android based devices. The applications suit all the software updates and function without any technical glitches.

Android based mobile applications

Apps differ in their size, nature and appearance. The idea is to have a mobile application which is light, easy to use and understand from the minute it is downloaded. You must have noticed that while downloading Android applications using Playstore, there are certain applications which have high rating and number of downloads. While the theme of the application matters, the placement of features is of utmost importance.

As the best digital marketing agency, we give shape to your ideas and help you create applications that users relate to. Each of the applications designed for Android users make sure they work easily on the phones and provide least no scope for errors. The development at our end is done looking at the minute details so that any form of hiccups is nullified.


Advantages of Android

The use of Android users is growing at a rapid pace with more mobile companies and operators coming into the market. With timely updates and user engagement, Android is accessible on leading mobile devices ad allows easy operations through the software and applications.
  • User Base – Android based mobile phones cover a large share of the mobile market
  • Good Interface – Being a Google based software, there is a good user friendly interface
  • Easy Usage – The Android OS is very easy to use and so are the developed apps
  • Variety of Apps – Because of the ease and accessibility, Android has more app diversity

App Categories

Messageing app

Android OS can be used to develop applications that are based o the concept of instant messaging. The system allows usage of various interactive tools for the same.


With online trackers and activity apps being a hit among users, the concept of Wearable Apps has really come about especially on Android.


We develop secure apps that ensure safe and direct money transactions for m-commerce apps. This simplifies online purchase and selling of products.

Social Networking

Android is a great platform for social networking apps as it allows developers to make use of interesting graphics and attractive interface.

Entertainment Streaming Apps

Create music and video streaming apps using Andriod OS. Built apps work best with your connection and provide quality downloads and online viewing.

Image Editing

As a Google based OS, Android allows image editing apps to exercise latest editing features that encourage quality pictures and amazing resolutions.

Creating Maximum Usability through Apps

Apps are designed in order to give users the ease of usage. Since they can be operated through mobile phones, tabs and other such devices, apps need to incorporate possible means of interactive user interface. As the user downloads an app, they should be able to go through all the features without a hurdle. This will allow users to make the application a part of their mobile usage and connect to it whenever they feel the need to.

This usability is a vital element for the successful running of an application and we at Xceptive understand the same. We provide high end coding and development tools to ensure that the user experience is never compromised. Apps developed by us have been in the market for a long time now and have garnered positive reviews from users.

In order to start the process of Android Application Development, you must give our team a fair idea of what you are looking for. Based on this our team of developers will work on the application design and enter codes that will allow its functioning. We have a team of testers who ensure that all the applications are well tested before they are put to use. Throughout the development process, minor and major changes that are made are first put through testers.