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“Event management apps are a solution from your mind to reality”. Mobile apps to manage events let the planners create a customized mobile app without the need for any complicated coding. The mobile app solutions for event management company gives everything that the customer would ever need related to the event. Be it information about the event schedules, information about the exhibitor or maps, everything is available on the event apps.

For the event planners these apps help in customizing the event by offering unique features to the audience.

The seamless integration that the mobile apps offer allows businesses and the event management companies to organize events without any hindrance. The enterprise mobile app development for event management is key to most organizations and is creating quite a buzz.

Solutions for Business and events service providers

Tracking RSVP

Tracking RSVP

The customer response can let the organizer track the attendees and then make arrangements accordingly.

Creating an Event

The mobile app can let the event organizer create an event on the app and then customize the event page based on his requirements.

Scanning Tickets

The organizer can record and scan the tickets digitally through the QR code.

Offer 24/7 Support

The mobile apps let the organizer offer 24 hours of support to the customer.

Sales Management

Managing sales is easy through mobile apps. The payments can also be collected through debit and credit cards, e-wallets, net banking, etc. The inventories thus can be controlled well.

Sponsor Catalog

The mobile app lets the organizer list the sponsors on the app. It also helps in managing sponsorship.

Apps replace paper

Apps Replace Paper

The event organizer now does not need to worry about promoting schedules and other collaterals. All information is available on the app. This makes it environmental friendly as well. It is also financially beneficial.

Capture lead data

The event apps are a great way to capture the lead data. This is when your customer is fully concentrated on the products. It is also the best way to create a network with the audience and clients.

Verticals of Business and events technology

Business & Events

Information on Fingertips

The customer can get all the information that he wants related to a particular event on the mobile app. Be it about the venue, timings, and other arrangements, everything is available on the app. The mobile apps also let the customer connect to the organizers through a Live Chat window. Here they can type any query that they may have and get an instant response.

Apps are Engaging

The mobile app helps to engage the audience and it is a communication channel between the organization and the attendees. Live polling and push notifications helps to keep the audience alert. Thee apps can also give instant information to the clients about any important session.

Business & Events
Business & Events

Mobile Guide

The apps function as a mobile guide that is especially useful before, during and after the event. The attendees can get to know about the venue and floor plan so that they are well aware of the layout. Before attending the event the audience can know of the location of different exhibitors, point of the interest as well as the exact location of the restrooms and bar. The app also comes to use after the event where the attendee can download useful information from the app.

The Apps are Personalized

The mobile app helps the audience to schedule their record and it notifies them about any upcoming session. The apps can also offer push notification like a reminder or to let everyone at the venue know that the dinner bus is ready to leave.

Business & Events
Business & Events

Enhancing the Experience of the Attendees

Here is what the mobile app for events can do to make the session more engaging for the attendee:

  • Connecting the likeminded attendees based on information shared in the registration counter
  • Live polling to engage the attendee to the content of the speaker
  • Offering gamification features to let the attendee experience the event in a different manner

Real-time Information

The mobile apps give real-time information to the attendee and keep them up-to-date with any changes related to the event. This could be a change in the event timing.

Business & Events

Emerging Solutions for better Business and events services

Projection Mapping

This is an augmented reality experience that has been created by the projectors. It helps to light up any surface and can turn the everyday objects to 3D interactive displays. The event management companies can make use of it to transform any space with elements of a new design. It is cost-effective to create an optical illusion.

5G into event Management

The internet speed will multiply around a thousand times with 5G technology. This level of internet speed will have an impact on every piece of event technology. The apps will get cloud-based which will be more reliable and faster.

Event Diagramming

The event diagraming will be the new tech feature letting the event planners look at the venue like it will look when ready. Everything can be mapped virtually and it goes down to even mapping where the mic will be placed. This lets the event managers save time and does not leave scope for any communication gap.

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