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Some combinations allure you and one such is the blend of finance and technology. The traditional ways of offering financial services are passé. Today, customers look for innovation and seek services that can offer a prompt response.

Fintech combines financial services and digital technology. Fintech mobile app development in India has already started to gain significant momentum in the finance industry and has caused a major disruption to the traditional methods and ways in which the financial services were handled.

With innovative solutions like big data, online banking, mobile payments, and financial management the Fintech apps are giving a completely new dimension to the ways in which the financial services operate.

Whether you need to implement payment solutions online, want to offer cardless and cashless payment solutions to your clients or wish to offer secure and easy financial services to your lenders, Fintech applications are designed to meet the growing needs of your tech-savvy customers. Embrace the digital transformation of the financial systems that you operate, and deploy modern technologies like Blockchain with ease when you turn to Fintech solutions that are driving the financial industry towards a new growth trend.

Solutions for financial service providers

Better Reachability

The financial institutions have increased utilization of Saas and open development solutions that are offered by Fintech. It lets the bank to integrate and streamline its operational capabilities. It also lets the banks to move towards mobile delivery. Fintech is able to offer value-added solutions because of the application program interfaces. This can be integrated into the banking platforms easily.

Smart Solutions

Customers come with a no-time clause and the financial industry needs to be up-to-date with robust, quick and flexible solutions. Fintech’s solution lets the financial services to offer a holistic approach to the needs of the customers. It lets the financial firms to offer innovative products and solutions without compromising on its core value and offerings as well as without taking a hit on its revenue stream.

Verticals of Financial Technology

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Customer Experience

The goal of the traditional financial institutions, as well as the modern-day Fintech application, remains the same. It is to improve the experience of the customers and build a long term relationship with the clients through communication that is clear and transparent. Fintech solution offers this unique experience through a matched UX design.

Mobile Banking

The Fintech mobile app development in India has taken the financial industry digital. Smartphones are perking up and the personalized apps let the clients avail all the banking services from a single destination. Visiting the bank branch, standing in queues and wasting time in withdrawing and depositing cash or to avail bank loans are a thing of the past. Today, all financial services are available just on the click of a button.
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Mobile Payment Solutions

Carry your wallet in your mobile on the Fintech apps. Fintech mobile app development in India has received an overwhelming response from the audience. There are no more worries about carrying notes or plastic money which can easily be stolen. The mobile app also offers a plethora of services like mobile and TV recharge, bill payments, flight, and train ticket bookings and many more. It is also a faster way to make a P2P payment.

Investment and Trading Apps

The conventional way of trading in the stock market was to depend on the brokers to carry out the day to day sales and purchases in the market. This is no more the case today. The Fintech solution is a boon for the active traders. One can avail the automated trading solutions that are reliable and scalable. The custom trading platforms let you buy and sell your investments on the go.

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Loan Apps

Get a customized loan from anywhere in the world using the loan mobile applications. This model lets the medium as well as small company owner’s to borrow money with ease and flexibility from trustworthy lenders. Availing personal loans are simplified with the web-based and mobile-based applications that lets one apply for loans around the clock.

Blockchain Solutions

Be a game-changer when you embrace the Blockchain solution in your business. Blockchain technology has scaled great heights ever since it arrived. The decentralized ledger distribution records the transactions that happen between two parties and you can now apply this technology into your business.

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Emerging solutions for better financial services

ATM Withdrawals Using an App

Withdrawing money from the ATM with an app is an exciting feature that the digital financial industry is looking forward to. It means that there will no more be the need to stand in long ATM queues to withdraw money. The cardless ATM transactions could be the future of the banking world.

Voice Banking

In the next few years to come voice banking is going to be the trend. A voice user interface would improve customer engagement and thus lead to better conversions.

AI Solutions

New payment methods and concentrated apps could be the future of the Fintech industry.AI services could start giving personal financial planning advice. The apps may also converge which means that instead of using four or five apps there would be a single app to carry out all the functions.

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