E-commerce IT Solutions

“Improve your customer’s engagement through the readymade and highly interactive eCommerce mobile apps.”

A mobile app for your e-commerce business is trendy as well as profitable. If you still do not have a mobile app for your e-commerce industry then you are losing a huge customer base. The mobile app solutions for eCommerce company can help to expand your business and engagingly connect with your clients. Also, it does not take a lot of work to set up an eCommerce app for your business. All that you need to do is to hire an eCommerce website development company in India, USA that can take care of the planning, market research as well as do the testing and development of your business to let you run a successful eCommerce mobile application.

Whether you run a small, medium or a large scale business or you are just an eCommerce startup, in this age of smartphones an eCommerce business app is not negotiable.

Solutions for e-commerce service providers

24-7 customer visibility

24/7 Customer Visibility

The e-commerce mobile apps are visible 24/7 and 365 days. This lets you target a huge audience and in turn, increases your customer base.

Sales Boost

Any new product arrival or sale offers can be reminded to the customer through the push notification. This lets you improve customer relationship and it also boosts sales.


The mobile apps have built-in features like GPA tracker and camera that lets the app keep a record of the actions of the customer and helps in building better customer engagement.

Better Product Management

 The mobile apps allow you to add new products, edit the description and delete products from the database. All that it takes are a few clicks to make these changes.

Managing Orders

The supply chain can be seamlessly managed on mobile apps. Any incoming, pending or delivered order can be monitored on the mobile apps. The details of every order can be got at a single place which can be used in the future.

Verticals of E-commerce Technology


Ease in Product Navigation

The e-commerce platform has a huge product catalog but with the mobile app, the customer can navigate through the products easily. The navigation is user-friendly which lets the customer narrow down the product to exactly what he is looking for.

Order Tracking in Real-time

The feature of tracking the customer order in real-time and getting live updates about the expected time of arrival or any change in status is welcomed by the clients.


Flexible Payment Options

The customers can pay for their shopping in just a few clicks. They can make use of their credit or debit card, e-wallet or other payment options to pay for the order.

Live chat

There is always help at hand thanks to the live chat support. The customer thus does not feel lost and can get his doubts or queries regarding the selection, purchase or payment sorted out online.


Augmented Reality

Most of the e-commerce sites offer the AR view feature. This lets the customer view the product and how it will look when placed in a particular spot at home. 

Wish list

The wish list feature lets the customer add the products that he would like to buy in the future. One can also make changes to the wish list as and when needed.


Push Notification

The push notification lets the customer know about the discounts, offers, and deals and if there are new products added to the catalog,

Review and Rating

The e-commerce mobile apps have a section where customers can put in their reviews and rating of a product that they have purchased and used. They can also check out the rating of products on the e-commerce app before they make a purchase.


Emerging solutions for better e-commerce services


A chatbot is a technology that imitates the real human interaction in a spoken or a written manner. Making use of this technology can let the eCommerce industry save expense and time by automating their customer support. The chatbot can also generate lead and revenue for the business. It can also direct the customer to the information that he would be the most interested in.

Voice Assistants

The voice assistant technology can be used to find a product directly from the e-commerce site through a voice command. It also finds deals quickly.

Innovate shopping with AR and VR

Innovate Shopping with AR and VR

AR and VR will change the face of online shopping. It will let you to virtually touch and interact with the items before you purchase them.

Drones and Droids

Drones and droids will be the next level system of delivery. This will cut down on the logistic cost and time. It will automatically lead to an increase in online purchases.

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