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It has been rightly said that “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics”. How a company manages its logistics decides its revenue and growth. The logistics and transportation business operates 24/7 and it is a pain to keep monitoring it all through the day. The app developers for logistic business come to rescue as they create apps that track all the running activities 24 hours a day.

The transportation business is huge and it has readily accepted the web and mobile-based apps. On taping the logistic solutions the company can keep track and improve productively. It can increase customer satisfaction and mobile apps also help in reducing cost. All this ends up in customer loyalty and also more conversions which are crucial in this competitive industry.

So what benefit does the transportation app development bring to the company? The logistic apps help in tracking the location, managing fleet, getting traffic information and in asset tracking. It helps the company by streamlining its processes which leads to better business performance.

Solutions for the logistics and transportation service providers

Admin Panel

The mobile apps assist the admin panel which is the core of the logistic app. It gives them all the information that is related to the driver and the user. The admin can see all the completed and pending orders in real-time. It also lets the admin track the activities of the driver on the road.

Real-time Notification

The logistic app lets the admin send live notification about the completion of delivery and payment received. It also can be used to update the driver’s allotment. The feature lets the admin analyze, access and approve the bills. The apps allow tracking the vehicle and checking its fuel consumption.

Verticals of technology in the logistics and transportation business

Logistic & Transportation


Logistic mobile app development has led to better time management. It also makes it easy to manage departmental tasks and optimize the route of transportation. Warehouse handling is automated and communication and support are enhanced to make the business more productive.

Improves Visibility

The entire supply chain of the company is transparent and becomes visible with the mobile app. The web-based applications make it easy to trace the fleet and record the behavior of the driver. After the delivery, the driver can also be debriefed using the apps. This saves the company a lot of time in tracing and tracking the transport vehicle which in turn leads to better productivity.

Logistic & Transportation
Logistic & Transportation

Increase in Automation

Mobile and web solutions can help in managing the fleet in real-time. The apps used in managing fleet can help to decrease manual labor and the time taken for delivery.

Tracing the Location

Real-time tracking the location of the truck can help solve many issues in the logistics business. The mobile apps can predict if the truck will reach on time. In case of a breakdown, a dispatcher can help find the nearest service center. This saves the company from any financial loss that it incurs because of delay. 

Logistic & Transportation
Logistic & Transportation

Route Optimization and Information on Real-time Traffic

Time is precious when you are running a logistics business. Earlier there was no way to predict the traffic condition on the road. As a result, it led to delays in delivering the shipment which led to financail losses. However, the real-time traffic updates with the mobile app let the truck driver be aware of the fastest route to reach the destination and also saves them from getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Emerging solutions for better logistics and transportation services

Artificial Intelligence

AI has a lot to offer to the logistic industry. The decisive potential of AI can help to design the process more efficiently and prevent any downtime. It can also help to facilitate the collection of data. This means that the warehouse robots can start to work along with humans without there being any issues of safety. Robots could start making decisions in the supply chain in the future.

Driver less truck

Self-drive Trucks

The self-driven trucks can drive for 24 hours without any resting time or any delays because of the weather conditions. The automated driving mode can save fuel and increase efficiency. The self-driven trucks will also be able to carry out the heavy-duty work in the warehouse.

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