Real Estate IT Solutions

“This is a real-estate-driven economy from top to bottom.” Customers are in the look-out for easy real estate solutions and this is where the Real estate app development company comes into the picture.

Mobile solutions for the real estate industry offer many benefits. It gives the customers unlimited flexibility to search for the desired property. The enterprise real estate mobile app solution also lets the real estate business to amplify the business in a modern way. The convenience to offer 24/7 service 365 days in a year to the customers without accompanying them physically is something that cannot be matched. And this is what the real estate IT solution offers to you. In a nutshell, the real estate mobile and web apps offer enhanced work productivity, an increase in customer satisfaction and the overall growth of the business.

Solutions for real estate service providers

Boost Sales

Boost Sales

Real estate mobile apps boost sales. If you are able to market your property well with complete transparency then more buyers would be attracted to your real estate business. This, in turn, helps you to sell more properties.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

The real estate apps save you from the long and tedious paperwork that earlier used to take most of your time when you sold or rented out a property. Here is what the app can do for you:

  • Signing the agreement
  • Blueprint
  • Verifying the loan papers
  • Transactions of huge amounts

The Global Expansion of the Business

The real estate business apps let your business to reach to global clients as well. You get connected with the interested buyers from across the world which in turn boosts your sales.

Save on Marketing

Making a strong online presence does the marketing for you. It helps to increase the visibility of your real estate brand. You also save on activities like listing properties, billing and inquiries. This lets you gain lucratively.

Verticals of real estate technology

Real Estate

Easy Viewing of Different Properties

The homeowner can list out his property to sell or to rent it. This creates a channel where the buyer and the seller can meet. It thus eliminates the need to have an agent which in turn cuts the commission cost. The mobile app for real estate thus brings both parties together and saves money for both of them.

A Detailed Description of the Property

The real estate app gives all the details that the user wants to know. This could be about the cost estimation, the roofing, and the paint. The property area and other things that a customer looks for in a property are also mentioned. The customer gets to see several images of the property before he gets to see it physically. The owner too gets to know of those who have visited his property on the app which can let him communicate with the interested party and try to close the deal.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Customized Search

There are a number of properties that are listed on the mobile apps which could get the user confused in his search. In order to make sure that the user does not lose track in the pool of information available, the apps offer a customized search option. This lets the buyer select his requirements and the app scans through the property listings to show only the properties that match the customer’s search criteria.

Loan Calculator

If you wish to buy a property then you need to consider its budget and the financial aspects. For this, you need the correct information about the down payment required, the interest rates and the monthly installments. The mortgage calculator in the real estate mobile apps lets the customer manage his finances and decide whether or not the property is within his buying capacity.

Real Estate
Real Estate

3D view of the Property

With advanced features like AR and VR, the 3D property view feature of the real estate mobile app lets the user get a better look at the property. It feels that the user is looking at the property in real and this lets him shortlist the property further.


The geolocation feature lets the user know about the amenities and the properties close to the property that he is looking at. It lets him know if the property is located centrally and he also gets the direction to reach the property.

Real Estate

Emerging solutions for better real estate services

Artificial Intelligence

AI is going to redefine the real estate business by removing all the guesswork and making property investment more precise. AI will help in evaluating the property and will do a risk analysis to estimate the amount of money that the investment will be able to make.


The chatbots, when incorporated by the real estate business, can answer questions related to investments. This optimizes the time for the company. It helps in conversion too.


IoT will use data from wearable and mobile phones to create value for the owners of the property.

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