mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & ClothesConsumer and clothes IT Solutions

“Cope-up with the change in shopping trends through mobile apps and there can be no better news for your customers.”

Online shopping is getting popular with each passing day. The mobile app solutions for cloth store have revolutionized the way cloth shopping was earlier done in the brick and mortar stores. Today customers enjoy the flexibility of:
  • Anytime and anywhere shopping with no shop closing time.
  • Easy feedback and ease of sharing.
  • Access to reviews and comparison sites to get the best product at the best price.

These are just some of the reasons that drive customers to the e-commerce pool which in turn offers a great platform for the cloth business owners to reach out to customers and increase sales and thus revenue.

“You change your clothes with the trend and the fashion business needs to get trendy too.” There is no scope of monotony in the fashion business. Customers are becoming tech-savvy and smart and there is always a crunch for time. It is convenience that consumers seek for and mobile apps for cloth shopping give them just that.

Solutions for Consumer and clothes service providers

Better Customer Service

The online cloth business owner can offer better customer service as he gets instant notification and update about any new order, delivery or any unfulfilled orders. This lets the online cloth store be spontaneous with the sale and order management. The task thus gets simplified and it is possible to keep track of the order across all the channels

Better Display

The mobile apps let the owner display the entire range of products which stimulates customer interest and makes decision making easier.

Management of Products

The mobile apps let the store owner display the entire collection of product right in front on the app. It also helps in forecasting the product, marketing and managing the range of products.

Push Notification

Push Notification

Through this the online store owner lets the customer know of any discounts and offers that increases the customer’s engagement and in turn increases the conversion rate.

Manage to ship

Manage to ship

The mobile app also lets the owner keep track of the logistics of his business, 

Referral Program

Referral programs can be promoted on mobile apps. This increases the loyalty of customers and helps the business acquire new clients.

Verticals of Consumer and clothes technology

mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & Clothes

Shop for the Latest Trends

The mobile app for clothes lets the customers shop for the latest trends in the fashion world anytime and from anywhere and without stepping out of their homes. Online shopping makes it easy to shop for brands that are not locally present. This means that you can shop for an international brand sitting right at home.

Smart Search

The smart search feature of the clothing apps make it easy for the customer to get the exact product that they are looking for. The search can be narrowed down to the exact design, pattern and even color.

mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & Clothes
mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & Clothes

Shop from the Look books

If you find it confusing to mix and match different attires then make use of the look books on the apps. You can pick up what is trending and also shop for the exact attire as the model.

Clear images of the Product

The mobile apps let you see the product before you purchase it. The photo gallery lets you zoom on to the clothing image so that you can even see the intricate patterns and designs of the apparel.

mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & Clothes
mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & Clothes

Delivery date and time

The mobile app lets you choose the delivery date and time as per your convenience. The product gets delivered to you on the date and time that you have chosen.

Payment Options

The mobile apps offer several payment options to the customers. You can pay through the e-wallets, cards or even opt for cash on delivery.

mobile app solutions for cloth store, Consumer & Clothes

Emerging solutions for better Consumer and clothes services

Artificial Intelligence

AI will be the most pioneering technology in the consumer and clothing industry. It will help in forecasting, managing capacity and merchandising. This will ensure the availability of the product and more accurate delivery.

Augmented Reality

AR will let the online shoppers shop for the right size and look. This will be done using an overlaying mirror where the purchaser can see exactly how the apparel will look on him or her. It will also turn out to be profitable for the business as it will lead to a reduction in the number of returns.


The blockchain technology will record the safety of the product, its ethical standards, and its authenticity. These records once added to the ledger cannot be tampered with. The consumers will thus be able to purchase with more confidence because they know the exact material that the clothing is made up of and how it was made. The buyers will also be aware of the condition that the apparel went through and how much was spent at every stage to make the dress.

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