Magento Development

Through Magento we provide a wide access to an engaging and flexible designs and themes. These are rich in features and functionality and work well with all users. 

Magento Development

Magento Benefits

  • Magento development allows latest features like wish lists, product comparison, mailing list, searches and more to be a part of your website.
  • Magento development offers users the best experience they seek especially from an E-commerce website.
  • No matter what your budget or requirement is, Magento works with flexibility and is not only developer friendly but online promotion friendly too.
Magento Development
Magento Development

Magento Speed Optimization

Through Magento Development at Xceptive we ensure that there is Magento speed optimization through updates, use of latest software and notifications.

Images take a lot of loading time but are an essential aspect of Magento. We compress images and optimise them for better speed.

Another way to improve Magento speed is through Caching and we use the inbuilt modules well enough to work through this mechanism.

Magento Theme Development

Among the services offered, we look into a wide range of Magento Themes that are developed by us and can be used in a very flexible manner by you. We have a refined and diverse theme collection. 

You can choose from a wide range of e-commerce, shopping cart, landing page, Magento template and other customised themes.

Since Magento works so closely with e-commerce, we make sure that all themes created attract users and make their shopping experience worthwhile.

Magento Development
Magento Development

Magento Upgrade Service

Magento works best when used on the latest software and in line with the latest tools. We make sure users are notified so that they do not face any hindrance with the website in use.

With timely upgrade, you will be able to use the service in a cohesive manner and use all the features that are come in as new updates and additions to the website.

This service further allows you to increase the speed, security and working of your Magento based website and web application as it will run on the most recent version.

Magento Ecommerce Development

If yours is an e-commerce website or application looking for the right platform, use Magento for the best features, speed and value added services for the customers.

The e-commerce development through Magento uses all the latest features like shopping cart, wishlist, product comparison and so on for the benefit of the users.

Using this service, you can give a boost to your online business. Highlight your products through a fully developed and competent website with full accessibility and customisation.

Magento Development
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