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We need technology in every classroom and every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” These are the words of David Warlick which clearly states the present scenario of the education system.

The present generation learners can adapt to technology easily and they are born with a digital insight. Advanced devices and software solutions can facilitate smart classes and this has, in turn, started a wave of immense transformation and led to educational system development in India.
The Elearning mobile apps development in India is changing the way students used to learn in the classroom. Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is a lot that adults, as well as kids, can now learn themselves. AI and machine learning are now at the core of the education platform and it helps to personalize the learning experience of students as well as lets the faculty access the student’s response to the new learning experience.

Solutions provided by the eLearning technology to the education providers

Optimizing the faculties’ time

The school management system development takes away the administrative tasks that the teachers need to carry out repeatedly. This could be grading assessments, checking the facts and the source of the assignments that are submitted or checking for plagiarism in the content. These were some additional tasks that the teacher had to perform which in turn took away some of their productive teaching time. Thanks to technology, all these repetitive tasks can now be carried out by automated software.

Record keeping

Technology helps the schools to keep record of each student more securely and systematically. Gone are the days when the record had to be kept manually which led to many missing files. Technology helps to keep the files properly as well as makes retrieval easier.

Parent-teacher communication

Apps allow the parent and teacher to communicate. This helps the parents to be in continuous touch with the teachers to understand their child’s development. It also helps the institution to maintain transparency.

Verticals of the ELearning technology

mobile app solutions for eCommerce company, eCommerce website development company in India, USA, Education

Quality education is now available at scale

The traditional educational system stayed within the walls of the classrooms. There was no scope to offer education to a large group of students who may even be beyond the geography. Also, the teacher’s knowledge was limited and this made it difficult to impart quality education. However, that is no more the case today. Machine learning and voice and speech recognition has taken education beyond the classroom. 

Continuous assess to learning material

With a whole lot of information on the internet, students are not just confined to the matter that is taught in school. There are e-books and tutorials to supplement what has been learnt in the classroom. This helps in in-depth learning.

mobile app solutions for eCommerce company, eCommerce website development company in India, USA, Education
mobile app solutions for eCommerce company, eCommerce website development company in India, USA, Education

Audio and visual materials aid in learning

Information technology lets teachers teach students easily. There is video and audio material that helps students to better their knowledge on a particular topic. The web-based and mobile-based learning applications help students to understand the topics taught in class better. It also lets the slow graspers to learn as per their comfort level.

Distance learning

There are unique demands today and information technology helps to cater to the needs of the new demographics. The online web-based and mobile-based courses allow the young and the employed population to get an additional degree. There are many online courses that help in career growth. All these do not require one to attend regular classes. One can take the course as well as appear for tests online.

mobile app solutions for eCommerce company, eCommerce website development company in India, USA, Education


Intelligent learning apps​

As per studies, the one-size-fits-all approach does not stand true in the education system. The current system of education does not produce the best outcome because it is rigid and does not let the student learn at his own pace.

The intelligent learning apps will perform the following functions:

  • Analyze the student and tailor the delivery of the information based on the student’s characteristics.
  • Improve the delivery of content and repeat content differently if a larger audience fails to understand the topic.

Crowdsourced tutoring

The Crowdsourced tutoring concept is a new one that is emerging in the education field. This is known as micro-tutoring where behavioral and mindfulness will help the student to achieve success. These technological advances can also help students with autistic disorders to improve their learning outcomes.

Digitally assessing students

Some courses need a digital assessment of the individual. This can be feasible in the future by using the following measures to check that there is no cheating.

  • Facial recognition will ensure that it is the candidate who is taking the assessment and not someone else.
  • Mouth movements to check if the candidate is discussing the solution with someone.
  • Retina movement that will help to find out if the candidate is taking any clue from elsewhere,
  • Camera to determine if anyone else is in the room.
  • Voice recognition to make sure that it is the candidate who is answering the question.
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