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“Future of fashion will be products with brains (IoT) interacting with customer devices.” The fashion world is embracing technology and while the industry is mesmerizing and beautiful, the fashion e-commerce business is a highly competitive online venture. To stand out in this competition one needs to know the wants of the clients and use several tools to blend fashion with the e-commerce industry.

The ecommerce web solutions go a step ahead and let the customer have a personalized shopping experience. It offers:

  • Appealing and stylish visual images
  • Amazing features of service
  • Interactive and immersive experience

The ecommerce mobile app solution has dabbed the fashion industry. It is difficult to ignore the impact of technology on the fashion world. Technology has revolutionized the operation of the business with the use of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and virtual technology. This has made the fashion industry more efficient and streamlined which caters to the concerns and the needs of the clients.

There has been a massive digital transformation in the fashion world and retailers have a choice to either embrace technology or to get left behind.

Solutions that technology offers to the fashion industry

Fashion Shopping goes online

Online shopping is the new trend and data proves that shoppers today are more comfortable shopping online than in the retail stores. Retail stores thus are becoming fewer and many brands have altogether shunned setting up a retail fashion store. This means that a fashion brand can create its market presence without having a brick and mortar store.

Fashion is Faster

Technology has made production faster. This lets the retailers purchase small lots that are easy to produce and ship faster. It lets the online stores to offer a broad range of products and offer many offerings.

Offers better ROI to the Marketing Programs

E-commerce lets the fashion industry to automate their marketing programs. This is not just data-driven but also evaluates many other channels on a similar scale. The automated marketing program evaluates the performance of the campaign and also suggests ways to improve upon it.

Verticals of Fashion technology


Better Mobility

From making a fashion purchase to payments, customers do not have to go anywhere. The flexibility to shop anytime and from anywhere using the Ecommerce industry solutions offers a whole lot of advantage to the retail customers. Integrated services to return the product and real-time tracking of promotions keep the shoppers engaged.

Accuracy of Information

Customers are savvy and they need a whole lot of information to buy a fashion item online. The online stores offer consistent and comprehensive information on each product that helps to convince the customer to make a purchase.


Better search Experiences

There are new search experiences and this keeps getting transformed to help the customer find the exact product that they are looking for. Image and voice search, as well as natural language processing, lets the customer connect to the brand which also leads to better conversion.

Better online Presentation

Fashion shoppers are continuously in search of new fashion trends. They look out for things that can help to make them feel and look good. Technology helps the customers to look at clear pictures. There are pictures in every angle and also a zoom feature that offers a clear view of the product.



Technology helps fashion buyers to get a personalized experience when they shop for fashion products online. This is done using powered software that uses artificial intelligence which delivers personalized recommendations to the customers. This is done based on past purchases or browsing patterns. This works to the benefit of online retailers because it drives loyalty as well as customer engagement. The idea is to anticipate the needs of the client and to offer them something before they ask for it. It helps to increase the conversion rate and also makes sure that the customer will not end up going to a competitor.

Emerging solutions for fashion

Clothing will get connected to IoT

Clothing will get Connected to IoT

From sports apparel to jackets, everything will get connected to the Internet of Things. Your clothing could unlock your car for you. Your bra could fit in the heart rate monitor and smart fashion will give you biofeedback on your running stride.

Augmented and virtual reality

Mobile phones let the customer browse through items with a single click. However, there have been cases of returns because the product did not fit as expected. The new virtual reality platforms can be a game-changer by merging the online and the physical retail fashion world. The apps can let the customer try on the apparel using the augmented reality technology to let the shopper try out the outfit first on the avatar that is customized to their measurement and then make the purchase. 

This lets the customer see the product physically on themselves and the decide whether or not to purchase it.

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