How to Reach from Good to Great in App Design?

The popularity mobile apps are enjoying and the awareness a mobile app can trigger, both these things point us towards the importance of an elite practice in mobile app development. Every day, new apps and updates of the older apps are dropped in the app stores like throwing new stock in the supermarket. If you want your app to be flashed in the top charts, then you need to take your app development from good to great. And this process can be achieved in some easy steps if you have the right developer by your side. Read on to get some app development tips that will improve your app’s user experience.

Meaning of On-Demand App

As the name suggests an on-demand app provides its users the means of finding the required service. The only difference is just like customers, even service providers are more than one in an on-demand app. When you visit a website like Trivago, you get to choose from several hotels and you can shortlist the hotels that fit your budget and suit your comfort. Similarly, on-demand apps are a Customized Mobile App Solution designed for you to get custom-tailored services like reservation, ordering, and shopping. You get to find many vendors and you get to choose the best that suits you. For better information about the company’s profile, check for its reviews on specific networks such as GitHub, Behance, and Dribbble.

Keep It Simple

We all know about the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) concept in the app development world. The graphics and the color palette used in the app must be calm, soothing, and pleasant. Users love the app that is not harsh on their eyes. Use color pallets in a format that leaves back an unforgettable effect on the user’s minds. The Best Mobile UI/UX Development Company understands how colors should be used and hence such agencies should only be hired.

Fading Filters

Another important aspect of app design is fading effects. Here it is not advised that you Hire a UI/UX Developer in India that makes a flashy app with so many special effects, but try to make an app that has specific effects that leave a pleasing feel behind. Try to use such effects in the checkout array or payment gateway so that the user loves to wait during that time and doesn’t get bored. Besides, special effects while booting up can also reduce the waiting time irritation. Try this and see the magic!

Ease Efforts

If you take a look at the most promising apps on an app store, they will all have multiple results generating mediums. While on the contrary, the apps with minimal search results will be on the last digits of the popularity charts. One thing every app developer must remember is that the app aims to ease the efforts of the user. Offer multiple search initiation tools like keyword search, barcode and QR scan, and image search, if possible. This will reduce the user’s time to find things and that time will be invested in checkout and payment gateway.

Omnibus Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of making the user familiar with the app workflow and functionalities. The better the onboarding, the lesser will be the rejection ratio. Offering a tutorial the first time the app is booted is one way of efficient onboarding. Also, for the user to not get bored and keep visiting the app, again and again, you need to reduce the authentication steps such as account verification and OTP procedure. This will make a good impression on the user and less booting time will keep him glued to the app. Keep making new changes and launch updates regularly to augment user experience.

Interactive Designs

Unlike computer screens, mobile displays are not made for small text, so don’t bother in stuffing the screen with a script of small texts that feels cunning to the user. Instated of text, use visuals, graphics, and colors. Remember, you need to use a certain set of graphics of the same set. A set of graphics that becomes the language for the user to an extent that he quickly gets what a specific button does. Use addictive color schemes and fading effects with pages to make the user dependent on the app. If you manage to pull out a design that matches the user’s mindsets, then no one cans stop your app from reaching the top.

Don’t Complicate

Some developers have the habit of flashing new arrivals or discount offers right on the welcome screen. This is not the way marketing is done on a mobile app. You need to understand that billboards and phone screens are not the same. It the user doesn’t find the page he saw as welcome page because of the offers, he will certainly close the app. Hence, make a notification center where all the updates for the user are waiting to pop-up, and don’t complicate the home screen. The home screen is named as home screen due to a reason. It must be reserved for the main purpose of the app.

Happy to Help

Be always ready for a pool of doubts from the user. And if you don’t receive any doubt, then tell your developer to add a Help section! The help and FAQ section is primarily added in an app to help users with any difficulty or report any crash. Moreover, the FAQ section must be updated periodically to help users with the same kind of questions. Also, don’t forget to mention your email address so that if a user wants to report a certain thing to you personally, he can do it easily. These little things will keep the users happy and the app an interesting place to visit.

Fun Facts

If your app has certain functionalities that require a time delay, utilize that time delay for entertaining the user. Suppose you have a food delivery app, so when your user is redirected to the payment gateway, add some facts and graphics related to food. This will not only entertain the user but also keep him updated. The user will wait for such fun facts and that will upsurge the rate of redirections to the payment gateway, which means more revisits. Besides, don’t forget to keep changing the facts if you don’t want to bore the user with the same information.
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