On-Demand App 101: Scope, Benefits, and Perceptions

None of us will turn on the TV or resort to a live feed of cricket to get the score updates. What we will do is to open the screen lock of the phone and check for the scores right there. This instance shows our addiction and dependability on cellphones. However, it is not a bad thing. With a preference for mobile phones, we have only reduced our efforts and the efforts of marketing for businessmen. Entrepreneurs have been following trends and analyzing the behavior of an average customer to plan their marketing strategies and campaigns. Read on to know how on-demand mobile apps have become an indispensable part of doing business and what is the scope and future of mobile app-based business.

Meaning of On-Demand App

As the name suggests an on-demand app provides its users the means of finding the required service. The only difference is just like customers, even service providers are more than one in an on-demand app. When you visit a website like Trivago, you get to choose from several hotels and you can shortlist the hotels that fit your budget and suit your comfort. Similarly, on-demand apps are a Customized Mobile App Solution designed for you to get custom-tailored services like reservation, ordering, and shopping. You get to find many vendors and you get to choose the best that suits you. For better information about the company’s profile, check for its reviews on specific networks such as GitHub, Behance, and Dribbble.

Features Offered by an On-Demand App

As you get to enjoy the features in all the exclusive apps, on-demand apps also let you get the most out of their features, provided that here there is an additional feature to choose the vender. Some of the noteworthy features you come across if you visit an E-Commerce App include:
  • Custom-tailored interface with easy sign-up
  • Secured payment gateway with hassle-free checkout options
  • Administration of delivers for vendors
  • State-of-the-art tracking of shipment for consumers
  • Price and brand filters
  • Consumer behavioral patterns analysis for employees
  • Advanced search options
You also get many options to filter your needs as per budget, brand, shipping duration, and on-offer products.

On-Demand Apps Benefits

If you have enjoyed using apps like Zomato and Urbanclap, you must be a fan of an On-Demand App. The major benefit of on-demand apps is that you have a plethora of choices ahead of you and all you need to do is to click your picks. But this doesn’t mean that the job of a developer is burdened due to so many options. The advantage of developing an on-demand app is that it is a cloud-based or cross-platform app that is developed easily even if the app consists of additional page loads. On-demand apps have the ability of rapid database integration due to which it becomes hassle-free to maintain the app to the ever-changing client requirements.

Scope of On-Demand Apps

As the name suggests, on-demand apps were bound to be popular because of their demand-oriented approach. The reason why all the apps designed on this concept are prevalent is their tactic to garner the maximum number of audience with efficient onboarding. You can see an on-demand app ruling the market anywhere in the public sector. Following are some of the examples suggesting the scope of on-demand apps:
  • Logistics saw an upsurge in mobile traffic after the popularity of Uber and Ola. People made it a tradition to call it ‘booking an Ola’ rather than ‘booking a cab’.
  • Food ordering apps like Zomato and Ubereats as well as Swiggy made it clear that you can show off your quarterly results if you manage to offer the customers multiple restaurant dishes and deliver them home.
  • The biggest example of a successful on-demand app is Urbanclap, now renamed as Urban Company. The app offers multiple house maintenance services like plumbers and AC maintenance as well as grooming services for women.
  • An online vegetable delivery app like BigBasket has been popular in many countries for home delivery of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • E-commerce apps like Amazon and Myntra have proven that if you can deliver the customer’s favorite items home, you can rule the online e-commerce market.
You can also be one of these market giants if you come up with an innovative idea that can be molded into an on-demand app.

Why Choose an On-Demand App?

By choosing an on-demand app, you make sure you revoke the old saying ‘customer is the king’ because vendor-centric apps dominate you in terms of product quality, options, and price as well. When you are shopping from an on-demand app, you are getting a bouquet of options that make you feel the luxury of having options. Moreover, with multiple options available, you inform the vendor about maintaining quality standards and presentation skills. All these things clubbed in one app, the market feels less need of exclusive apps and that reduces the traffic of unpopular apps.


Competition indeed brings out the best from a businessman. And on-demand apps are the ultimate tools to bring competition in the online trading world. This is a win-win situation for both customers and entrepreneurs. Customers get happy because they get multiple options to choose from and they can pick services as per their budget. Entrepreneurs can improve their marketing tactics by using the on-demand app as their training grounds. Marketers get a new platform to promote their brand. Besides, some businessmen were unable to garner customer crowds either due to their late arrival or the app’s incompetence; these businessmen can also benefit from on-demand apps since all these apps require is sheer service quality and reliable response.
Thanks to the introduction of on-demand apps, many businesses look more organized today than they were internally online. But the biggest advantage goes in the account of the visitors since they now have the ultimate place to compare price and quality. If you are looking to develop an on-demand app, contact Xceptive Solutions LLP. The company offers state-of-the-art on-demand app development. Here, you can also have your on-demand app designed as per your requirements.
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